Memoir of Dwarkanath Tagore

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Kissory Chand Mittra

Written to be read at the 27th Hare Anniversary Meeting at the Town Hall on 1 June 1870, Memoir of Dwarkanath Tagore by Kissory Chand Mittra shows how an Indian gradually rose to power in a colonial regime with his keen business acumen, political incisiveness and capacity to explore personal relationships. After a very succinct account of Dwarkanath’s birth and childhood, Mittra concentrates on Dwarkanath’s economic and socio-political ventures that would make him one of the most important and indispensable figures of the first half of the 19th century. Interestingly, Mittra’s focus is not on Dwarkanath’s business entrepreneurships. Instead, he shows how Dwarkanath manoeuvred his wealth in understanding and ushering the discourse of colonial rule in India. Historically this makes the book one of the most irresistible and best-written celebrity memoirs of the 19th century India.


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