My Account

What does “my account” means? How can I modify my selective information?

Modifying your parulprakashani.in account is quiet simple. You can see your orders at whatever time via “my account”.
My account let you totally check on you transactions on parulprakashani.in

  • Handle/modify your personalized information such as address, contact information, e-mail ids.
  • Modify your password.
  • Tag your order status at any time

How can I confirm if my order has been affirmed?

As soon as your order has been entered into logs and payment has been authorized, the vendors will affirm the order receipt and they will begin working on it.

You will get an email confirming your order details as soon as vendor gets the information and he also affirms about the same. In that following email you will given a singular Order ID (for example: PP123456), the list of the item(s) ordered and by what the time period you can expect your order to be delivered

You will be beforehand informed about the shipment of your order. Shipment details will be given with your unique Order Id and tracking digits


Why do I can understand the different price rates offered on the same item?

On parulprakashani.in, you might find different editions and varieties of the item. As in case of books, you might see some editions as collectors ere prints, while others may be just the hardcover and other paperbacks. You can get further details about this on the item page.

Some editions are again published/re-printed in India, while some of them are brought by importing. All the other provided editions and different price tags for the same product are given on their respective pages under the feature of “the other editions”.

Do I need to have an account on parulprakashani.in for shopping?

Yep, it is suggested to have your own account on the website. You should form your account and by thence you can savor a individualized shopping feel, also including suggestions, fast checkout procedure and a personal wishlist. You will also be able to rate and review the items and the vendors according to your choice.


How can I make payments for the purchase made on parulprakashani.in?

parulprakashani.in caters the customers with many payment modes. The customer can make their payment via online being assured that the parulprakashani.in trusted payment gateway partners use a secure encryption technology to protect the transactions details against any type of theft and infringement and keep the details confidential every time.

The customers can opt for any option while purchasing, such as, internet banking, credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro and American Express).
parulprakashani.in accepts payment via cards in India.

When I buy from parulprakashani.in, do I need to be worried about any hidden charges like duty or sales taxes?

No, the customers have not to worry about any hidden charges while purchasing from parulprakashani.in. The prices displayed on the website for all the items are final and fully inclusive. You pay the exact amount you see on the website.

However, separate delivery charges are employed depending on the shipping policy.  

How can I make payment using my credit or debit card?

parulprakashani.in consent for payments made via credit or debit card only in India.

Credit cards

parulprakashani.in accept money transactions by Visa, Master Card, Maestro and American Express credit cards only. To pay through your credit card, you need to enter your card details, expiry date, three digit CVV number displayed at the back of the card. As you enter the card details, you will be channelized to bank’s page for submitting your secure online transaction password.

Debit Cards

parulprakashani.in accept money transactions by Visa, Master Card, Maestro and American Express debit cards only. To pay through your debit card, you need to enter your card details, expiry date (optional for Maestro card users), and three digits CVV number displayed at the back of the card. As you enter the card details, you will be channelized to bank’s page for submitting your secure online transaction password in order to conclude the payment.

Customers can’t use internationally issued debit/credit cards for wallet or e-gift vouchers.

Will it be safe to use my credit/debit card details on parulprakashani.in website?

All the online transactions made on parulprakashani.in website are inviolable with great degree of security over transaction provided on the internet. parulprakashani.in have 256-bit encryption technology employed to secure the transactions and the customers’ selective information while channeling their money from their respective banks to completion of payment process. All the payments made via credit and debit cards are also securely checked by the starring banks. Banks these days utilize the 3D Secure password option to protect the online transactions and even employing extra security via identification of your credentials.

What precautions are taken by the website to prevent customers from card fraud?

parulprakashani.in understands the prominence of solid fake detection and resolving capacity. The website and our online payment collaborators oversee the transactions regularly for any kind of shady action and iris possible fallacious transmission for manual identification by our cooperative unit.

In very few casings, if somehow our cooperative unit is not able to exclude the potency of infringement unconditionally, the dealing is hold on for the time and the customer is asked to verify the details and follow up with few inquiries of the identification papers. The identity documents of the customers were verified in order to assure that the buying is done by an authentic buyer/card holder. We regret for any discomfort that has been prompted to the buyers and kindly ask them to tolerate this with us enduring a secure and protective environs for the online made transactions

What does 3D safe password means?

The 3D safe password in employed by VISA and MaterCard in collaboration with banks issuing the cards below the “verified by VISA/MasterCard secure code” cares, respectively.

The 3D safe password totted up extra level of protection via personal identity check for the customers’ online card dealing. Password created by the customer should only be remembered by them only. This assures protection of your card details and information against theft for your online shopping.

How can I obtain a 3D Secure password for my card (credit/debit)?

The customers may file for the above mentioned password via their respective banks or their websites. All the banks provide the registration link for the same

State Bank of India ICICI Bank HDFC Bank Punjab National Bank
Axis Bank Corportion Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda
Standard Chartered India Union Bank of Indiak Central Bank of India Citibank
Deutsche Bank Dhanlakshmi Bank IDBI Bank ING Vysya Bank
IndusInd Bank Federal Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank Karur Vysya Bank
Oriental Bank of Commerce South Indian Bank Vijaya Bank Canara Bank

How can I utilize internet banking services of my bank in order to make a purchase on parulprakashani.in?

parulprakashani.in provides an easy and user friendly mode of internet banking care to complete you payment in order to make a purchase.

Payment can be made via Internet Banking for the below mentioned banks:

ABN Amro Bank Axis Bank Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra
Bank of Rajasthan Central Bank of India Citibank City Union Bank
Corporation Bank Deutsche Bank Development Credit Bank Dhanlaxmi Bank
Federal Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank IDBI Bank
ING Vysya Bank Indian Overseas Bank Indian Bank IndusInd Bank
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Karnataka Bank Karur Vysya Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Oriental Bank of Commerce Punjab National Bank Royal Bank of Scotland
South Indian Bank Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of Hyderabad State Bank of India
State Bank of Mysore State Bank of Travancore Syndicate Bank Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
Union Bank of India United Bank of India Vijaya Bank YES Bank

Status of your Order

How can I find out the status of my purchase order at any time?

The customer can see their order status and other information regarding their order status. They can also view their information in “my account” section.

When you visit the “my account” section page, you can click on my orders link to see the status of your orders. To see the status of a particular order, click on “order no” button.

What is understood by different order status?

Pending authorization pending: your order has been entered into log and we are awaiting for authorization from the gateway of payment.

Authorized/ under processing: we have received the authorization from the gateway of payment and we have marched off your order.

Shipped: your order has been sent by vendors and is on its way.

Cancelled: the order has been cancelled.

If I have to cancel my order, how and when can I do that?

The customers can’t cancel their order any time once the order has been shipped. And if you want to cancel, kindly contact the website with the order details.

Shipping process

What would be the delivery charges on parulprakashani.in?

There are delivery charge for different pin-code. For example, For Kolkata zone it may varies from INR 30-45.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

parulprakashani.in usually arrange the order and send the items ordered within the specified time given on the product page. But the working days exclude the national holidays and Sundays. The delivery time is also influenced by some factors like the availability of the product and most importantly the place where the order has to be delivered as per how far is the place from the vendor’s location.

There are items available as following:

“Available/in stock”

If the product is available/in stock, the vendors mention the time of delivery according to the customer’s location, i.e. usually 2-3 business days or maximal to 7-10 business days. If the customer’s location is not in easy reach areas, the order is registered post by vendors which might take 1-2 weeks betting on the location. If the product page is saying available but not currently in stock; such products can be made accessible when the customers place an order for the purchase.


Some items can be pre-booked which are about to be released soon in the market. The products will be booked as an order for the customer and will be shipped as soon as it releases. You can be among the few one to get that product first in your surroundings. The product will reach the customer within 2-6 business days.

“Back in stock/soon to be in stock”

The items which are famous and needed frequently among the customers generally are sold out soon, thence leaving the product out of stock. If the customer needs that product, they can book an order for the product and parulprakashani.in will try to make it available and ship it in predefined time for the customers.

“Unavailable temporary”

The product you wish to order is not available right now with the vendors, but the product could be soon re stocked and available for purchase.

“Not in stock”

The product is not available with the vendors and you can’t buy the product. For such products, you can use “notify me” feature; in order to get the product as soon as it gets available with the vendors.

“Discontinued forever”

If this is displayed on the product page, it implied that the product sale has been discontinued with our vendors and regretfully won’t be available for the customers.

“Disclose printing/ out of print”

It means the product is no longer printed or published and won’t be available for the customers.

As parulprakashani.in says the delivery time varies from  product and location? Why?

Yes, the delivery time for products you want to purchase varies depending upon the product availability also plays an important role in deciding the time of delivery. Along with this, the location of the customer’s destination, and the courier service providers; altogether determine the delivery timelines.

To help the customer know the time when they might receive the order, they need to provide us the pin code of their area. Thus helping us deducing the precise timeline for their product delivery and this time will be displayed on their product page as soon they provide us with their pin codes.

You need not to submit your pin code every time. Once added pin code will be saved by the website for that account.

Why can’t I receive order in my area?

It could be possible because of following reasons:

  • Your location is not suitable for the parulprakashani.in to ship the products.
  • There might be legal boundary of delivery of that product in your region.
  • There might not be any genial courier service in your region.

Return and cancel policy

What is the policy provided for return?

We always insure that the product sold on the parulprakashani.in is new and 100% unfeigned. But still if there is any issue with the product delivered, we assure simple and cost less return policies for the return of any damaged product. Possible solution for these issues could be replacing, exchanging or refunding of the product or amount value relying on parulprakashani.in return process.

parulprakashani.in offer free replacement policy, what does it mean?

You can replace your damaged product or any product that does not match the details given by parulprakashani.in. There will no extra cost charged for replacement of the product.

Kindly, check parulprakashani.in policy for replacement before placing an order with parulprakashani.in. And also be sure to check the time limit within which you can return the product as it differs from sellers to sellers.

What is the procedure for returning the purchased order?

For the convenience of our customers, we have framed simple and easy steps to be followed:

  • Contact the parulprakashani.in along with the details of the order.
  • As soon we receive your complain, the customer executive will contact you to confirm the request for returning and will familiarize you with process.
  • Before you return the product make sure that the product is not used and is still its original form, including the price tags, packaging and original bill.

Where can I read the seller’s policy for return?

Kindly refer to the bottom of the page. On that page, you will find all the policies and details offered by parulprakashani.in.

Regretfully, we can’t entertain the request of cancelling the order after you have received the order.

Review Entry Direction of Product

We have provided reviewing options on our website. This option let a customer help other buyers by reviewing about a product. Some hints on how to review your product:

  • You should review the product on your personal experience with that product.
  • Be indifferent while reviewing the product. Readers should be able to get the pros and cons of the item they are willing to purchase. Kindly make certain that your reviews should be helping and chronologically relevant.
  • Give your personal views about the product and along with that you should have facts for it support.
  • You are requested to provide accurate information about the product.
  • Be precise and don’t deviate from the topic. Give a little attractive headline to your review.
  • Make sure your revise your written content for spelling errors and omission. Small and simple paragraphs will be appealing for your review.

Things you can’t do while reviewing:

  • Inappropriate review or points bearing no connection to the subject will not be entertained.
  • Cant add inquiry about service feedback’s, order of payment or other related question.
  • Can’t add HTML embedded.
  • Reference to other vendors will not be nursed.
  • Don’t provide personal information about yourself in the reviews.
  • Don’t use abusive or offending reviews.
  • Don’t add copyrighted annotates.
  • Copied reviews.
  • Any promotional text should not be added in reviews.
  • Any compensation will not be amused.
  • Don’t give fake ids, or inappropriate user names.
  • Don’t make reviews in other language than English.
  • Don’t try to review the drawbacks of product details in the review block.